Dr. T-Shirt now has a store on Shopify with discounted T-Shirts an other great goods. Combined with Facebook. i am trying to get more business with my terrific line of T-Shirts that only a few people know I have. I do  lot of festivals which many of you know about but this another angle of sales I wish to expand my business. And with the first 100 orders or so I am going to through an extra surprise T-Shirt to thank you for helping get it off the ground. I’ll keep it up as long as I can with spare shirts I have. All I ask is when you get the extra T-Shirt for free please tell others about my site. Actual name of store is JerseyDoctor.myshopify.com

So buy a Great T-Shirt please and I’ll give you a free shirt to go with i. Thank you for your support! Gio Dr. T-Shirt

In Dog Beers I’ve only had one Honey!