Custom Apparel – What You Want, How You Want It

At Dr. T-Shirt, we know that Custom T Shirts and other Custom Apparel hold the power to unite an insane amount of people!  So, we’ve expanded from simply a Custom T-Shirts New Jersey company into something much more diverse.  Why?

For years, we heard clients express to us that not only did they want us to create their ultimate Custom T-Shirts, they also wanted other apparel with their logos and message printed on it as well.  Basically, we were told to offer more products because the one we offered, Custom T-Shirts, everyone loved!

So, we are very proud to now offer an EXTREMELY VAST SELECTION of other types of Apparel, all of which can be Customized with Screen Printing or Embroidery.

Custom NJ Apparel and More for:

  • sports teams

  • police & fireman

  • religious groups

  • parties

  • races

  • businesses

  • fundraisers

  • miscellaneous

  • military

  • college clubs

  • family reunions

  • class pride

  • holidays

  • other events